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Narrative Story

Narrative was born in 2018 at the initiative of Joan and Vlad. But the idea has been in their hearts since 2016, since the wedding they organized themselves. And it turned out exactly the way they wanted: a relaxed event with friends, outdoors, in nature. A memorable evening. A string of happy moments, lived with loved ones, a real story. They discovered the beauty of the Snagov forest and felt a strong connection with it. Shortly after the wedding, they decided that this place full of history could be the setting for an unforgettable story. And because the story was compelling, new characters Madu and Cristi appeared in 2020. Coming from different backgrounds and with vast expertise from design, engineering, event planning, marketing and customer service, our characters complement each other, forming a unique and passionate team.

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Narrative story is also your story

Narrative este mult mai mult decât un hambar pentru evenimente în aer liber, în natură, lângă pădurea Snagov. Este destinația ideală pentru petreceri relaxate, dar memorabile. Un loc cool, în Narrative is much more than just a barn for outdoor events, in nature, near the Snagov forest. It is the ideal destination for relaxed but memorable parties. A cool place to celebrate, socialize, and enjoy life.

The barn, built with care by skilled wood craftsmen and carefully decorated with handmade objects chosen from fairs, expresses our uniqueness and attention to detail. A different kind of event venue, a place you fall in love with suddenly and irretrievably. At Narrative you can write your story the way you feel and rely on us for inspiration. #writeyourownstory

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“Stories are like love, and we at Narrative love stories. We believe in their power to transform everything and we believe our world needs more stories.”


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At Narrative, we believe in capturing life’s important moments. We know you’ll find the experience here warm and welcoming.


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Narrative is about events in a different way, about nonconformism and freedom. No matter what type of event you are planning, our team will make sure you have no worries.