Narrative is much more than a BARn nearby the Snagov forest. It is a destination for relaxed but memorable parties. A chill place for socializing, connecting, and enjoying life.


The project started in 2018 by Ioana and Vlad Popa. Though, the seed was planted in their souls back in 2016, after their wedding. They have  designed and organized the whole event by themselves. A relaxed party with friends in the middle of nature.  And it was memorable, a sum of joyful moments together with their loved ones that created a story worth telling.

They have discovered the beauty of Snagov forest and felt a strong connection. Shortly after, they decided that this location, full of history, is the place for an amazing NARRATIVE.

The plot was catchy, therefore new characters joined the story back in 2020, Madalina and Cristi.

With different backgrounds and a wide range of expertise ranging from design, engineering, events planning, marketing and customer service, they complete and complement each other, making an unique and passionate team.

Meet the most passionate team





Decorations that tell a story

Each element outlines our attention to detail and love for beauty. A blend of natural materials and neutral colors that bring the exterior landscape inside and also creates the perfect place to capture the personality of each client, who wants to decorate it and write his own story. We have an impressive collection of cacti, bamboo furniture, pampas installations and a wall with books, which can be easily integrated into a unique photo wall.